Thursday, December 22, 2005

I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye.

O. M. G.


You people are total freaks! For every person that mocked the bulk of the "Last Christmas" covers I put up the other day, there were 10 others clamoring for more. I kept getting "do you have the such-and-such version???" e-mails. Well, here's another Whamful installment. Again, there are still more in my collection, but I really doubt I'll be hunting them out between now and the holiday, so get these while the getting's good. Let's all cross our fingers that my bandwidth holds up.

The Revolvers' track is my favorite here, despite the fact that I usually hate "punk" covers.

Wham's "Last Christmas" as covered by:
  • Airpanel feat. Karyn White Techno/Trance
  • Alexia "Oi Kambanes Htypoun (Greek)" Pop
  • Beatmas/Rubber Band Beatles
  • Busted Whiny Pop-Punk
  • Collage Freestyle
  • DJ Glowy and Snoopie Breakbeat
  • Fonda Indie Dream Pop
  • Julsanger Techno/Trance/Hi-NRG
  • KE4 "Last Christmas I Gave You Acid" Chilled-Out Electronic Mash-Up
  • Keisha Chante Urban R&B
  • Yuji Oda feat. Butch Walker J-Pop/Rock
  • Pas/Cal Indie Chamber Pop
  • Rap All-Stars Rap
  • Revolvers Powerpop-punk
  • Sarge Indie
  • Soulwax Alternative?
  • Yoko Watanabe J- Pop (from an opera singer, I believe)
  • Zecchino D'Oro "Questo Natale (Italian)" Kidz Bop d'Italia
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    Muard said...

    everyone mocking in christams....but u give us a great lis collection of music.....thanks....& nice blog....