Friday, February 17, 2006

Strawberry ice cream! Raspberry ice cream!

Sorry, no cover in this post. I just wanted to talk for a very short moment about how awesome Paste magazine is. If you are really interested in music or filmmaking as a craft or an art, I highly recommend it. And their online radio is pretty much my new favorite thing ever, even though I can't use Firefox to use it.

While I'm rambling about things not particularly related to covers, I guess I'll finally fulfill my good friend Matt's request to post a non-cover, which I've never purposely done before. But he seems to think my readership would be amused by it, and I can't say he's likely wrong about that. From an e-mail he sent:

Holy Mother of Causality - I just bought a bunch of test pressings at the Salvation Army in Evanston. I'll usually buy test pressings of stuff, but they had a ton of early 80's Alligator Records (reggae label) so I figured someone who worked at Alligator just dumped off their junk, ergo, more reggae albums. I do not currently have any reggae, bonus for me.

On the 2nd blank test pressing, I got a song about junk food. And Ice Cream. And how this guy fucking hates it.

Matt D.

We have know idea who the artist is, but yeah, he really hates junk food:

  • Unknown Artist "Unknown Title [The Ice Cream/Junk Food Song]" (not a cover, but perhaps one day...)
    I love when my friends and I stumble on bizarre outsider stuff. Recently, I went with Matt and his wife Sarah, also my good friend, to Milwaukee (see pictures here), and at least 100 times during the weekend, if not more, one of us would yell out "Strawberry ice cream! Raspberry ice cream!" in homage to this gem. And to think it never saw the light of day ... until now. Or maybe it did and we're just ignorant about anti-junk-food reggae singers. If you have any idea who this is, PLEASE let us know!

    Anonymous said...

    Just listened to this track again that I downloaded here last year and did another search on google. And this time I was lucky. The artist's name is Mutabaruka ( the song is called "Junk food".

    strawberry ice cream
    rasberry ice cream
    dem a bury wi
    u nuh si
    ice cream ice cream
    hot dog ice cream
    liven de american dream

    junk food fullin up de place
    dis is a nada disgrace
    junk food fullin up de place
    a now good food a guh guh
    to waste

    (complete lyrics at )

    Anonymous said...

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