Monday, March 14, 2005

I need all the world to confirm that I ain't lonely.

  • Placebo "Johnny and Mary" (Robert Palmer cover)
  • The Notwist "Johnny and Mary" (Robert Palmer cover)
    I was vaguely aware of the original (which you can get on this page of one of my favorite MP3 blogs ever) "Johnny and Mary" as a child, but was shocked to learn later in life (post-"Addicted to Love," of course) that it was by Robert Palmer. I remembered Palmer in that "Clues" video, and I found him smarmy as hell. Anyhow, this song helps me understand why John Taylor liked him. I couldn't decide which of these covers to post (there are a lot more where these came from, by the way), so I went for both. Placebo's is your standard head-on, driving, whiny Placebo cover (not that there's anything wrong with that!) while the Notwist's builds from some soft strange little Parisian-sounding organ-grinder dirge into an indie powerpop speed metal trip that ends with a bizarre spoken-word answering machine message. Yes, you read right.

    More stuff coming very soon.
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