Thursday, March 24, 2005

You think I'd leave your side, baby? You know me better than that.

  • Groove Coverage "The Last Unicorn" (America cover)
    Oh, man. A few months ago, I saw the VHS of The Last Unicorn on my good pal Nate's shelf, and asked if I could borrow it. I remember seeing it on cable all the time as a kid, but couldn't remember any real specifics. I suspected it would all come back to me as I watched, and I was right. Before I popped it in, I had completely forgotten about the America-penned soundtrack, but once it was on, I was singing along to the cheese. Also while watching and singing along, I innately knew that somewhere there must be a horrific cover of the title song, and I suspected it would be in the techno-trance vein. Once again, I was right.

    Nate says: "This is a total rave song created so twentysomethings on X can hear it while they're dancing and think, 'Oh, yeeeeah! I remember this!' and think that they're somehow interconnected with the cosmos."

  • Mary Hopkin "Happiness Runs (which itself is a reworking of The Pebble and the Man)" (Donovan cover)
    I'm always torn when I hear a song I like in a TV commercial. Should I be horrified that "my" song is being used to sell airline tickets or should I be happy to reminded of its existence in the first place? With this Donovan track, I'd say the latter. And Welsh folk singer Mary Hopkin's Paul McCartney-produced cover is pretty and worthwhile, in my opinion.

  • Stiv. Bators "It's Cold Outside" (The Choir cover)
    The Choir's "It's Cold Outside" is my favorite track in the Nuggets catalog. And this was Dead Boys' frontman Stiv Bators' first solo single. Or so I read somewhere. It's pretty good.

  • Bettie Serveert "Lover, I Don't Have to Love" (Bright Eyes cover)
    Someone asked for this in a comment the other day, and though I usually don't take requests, I like Bettie Serveert a lot and figured, "What the heck." I like this more than the original, but that's easily explained as I'm not a huge emo fan.

  • Beachwood Sparks "By Your Side" (Sade cover)
    I was never a huge Sade fan, but there was always something kind of haunting and mesmerizing about this track to me. This version is even more up my alley.

  • Cash Money Millionaires "Feelin' On Yo' Booty (Remix)" (R. Kelly cover)
    Wow. You know you've got a jam on your hands when people want to cover a remix of one of your songs. Seriously, this is not for everyone. Kelly's remix is one of my biggest guilty pleasures due to its sheer wrongness, and the Cash Money Millionaires version is somehow even shadier.
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