Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't want to be a boy; you want to be a man.

It's nearly midnight, I'm just back from a somewhat annoying '80s-themed interactive show, my "too pretty for their own good" hipster next-door neighbors are yet again taunting me with their loud "lovemaking," and I'm so dedicated to my NaNoCoMo mission, I'm posting some songs.

I was contacted via IM today on my favorite P2P network by a charming fellow who once sent me a cover that I meant to post but forgot. (I get a lot of songs sent to me in addition to those I find on my own, so that tends to happens a lot—sorry!) Anyhow, Jamie Cameron (aka The Last Dinosaur and Destroying Something Beautiful, etc.) is a talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/indie label creator who likes Threadless shirts and whose covers are all very pretty. I'm posting a couple, but you can grab a few more here. Pretty good for a recovering bedroom rocker, I say.

  • The Last Dinosaur (UK) "Beat It" (Michael Jackson cover)

  • Destroying Something Beautiful (UK) "Someday" (Steve Earle cover)
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