Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nobody told me it was gonna turn out this way.

Sorry for the slight delay. Holidays and back pain and whatnot.

  • Greg Lowery Band "Ain't Even Done With the Night" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Blue Bloods "Authority Song" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Hot Water Music "Authority Song" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Operation Cliff Clavin "Authority Song" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Keystone All-Stars "Authority Song" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Vitamin String Quartet "Cherry Bomb" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Uriah Heep "Hot Night in a Cold Town" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Pat Benatar "I Need a Lover" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • The bluegrass Tribute Band "Lonely Ol' Night" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)
    A piece of Lobstar trivia: I was 12 or 13 and was at the Fun Frolic in Bloomington, Indiana, the night they shot this video.

  • Avail "Pink Houses" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Vibrascope "Pinkhausen" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)
    I was planning not to comment on any of these covers, but I added the personal trivia above so I feel I have to say this here: When it's the mid-1990s and you have two close friends who imbibe various substances on a regular basis and have a four track, you have to be prepared for things like this. Um, yeah.

  • Eli Barsi "Small Town" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

  • Jon Cougar Concentration Camp "Small Town" (John Cougar Mellencamp cover)

    Matthew said...

    When you were 12 or 13, was the Fun Frolic already in the Memorial Stadium lot, or was it still in the space that is now occupied by the School of Ed?

    That move took all the fun out of the frolic for me...

    Anonymous said...

    uriah heep?
    is this a new version, cause they were broke up when jcm was in short pants

    Fongolia said...

    Thanks for the Cherry Bomb cover! I love the Lonesome Jubilee.

    Lobstar said...

    Matthew- It was indeed in the stadium lot. I'd no idea it moved from there!

    Anon- A few people have recorded this song written by Cushing/ Littlefield/ Murray. It first showed up on Mellencamp's (or at the time, Cougar's) 1980 album, Nothin' Matters and What if it Did, which was actually his 7th album. Cougar's first album came out in 1976 and, while he was young at the time, Uriah Heep were still around in pretty much its original form. As for Uriah Heep's version, it was on their 1982 album Abominog which came about after a rebanding replete with new lineup and sound. Uriah Heep may have disbanded and rebanded a time or two very briefly, but they've periodically been releasing new albums for 30+ years.

    Anonymous said...

    Big sympathies on the back pain.
    Plz continue to be #1.

    Dane said...

    Thank you so much, I can't wait to listen to them.

    Anonymous said...

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