Friday, November 09, 2007

I am kinda sorta your best friend.

  • I'd like to start off with a little reminder: If you read Copy, Right? via the LiveJournal feed, please know that I am not notified when people leave comments there. If you want to leave a comment you'll be sure I'll see, please leave it at Copy, Right? proper.

  • Speaking of the massive popularity of Copy, Right? (ha!), it appears mine is one of a slew of MP3 blogs nominated by Hey! Nielsen and's "Best Music Blog" contest. It is my nature to be self-deprecating, so I will say right now that—due to the presence of tons of other, better nominees—I don't expect to come close to winning. Although, if you're one of those types who likes to create lots of new Internet accounts and vote for things, voting begins Monday. If I win one of the prizes I could win some free downloads and you all know what that means: Non-Stop College A Capella Jam 2007!

  • Speaking of non-stop college a capella jams (just kidding), I got an e-mail yesterday from Dent May (and his Magical Ukelele?) alerting me to his MySpace page, the "About Me" section of which features a free downloadable ZIP file of his latest EP that features a cover of one of my favorite songs ever, Prince's "When You Were Mine." Hearing his version drew a memory from the recesses of my brain that I once sang "When You Were Mine" at some queer-positive (I was the token straight member of OUT at the time, heh) event at the Collins Coffeehouse at IU accompanied by my best pal Ryan on guitar. Unfortunately, while I'm sure my version had its own distinct charm, it was not as good as Dent May's by a long shot. I'm sort of in love with the whole EP, particularly "College Town Boy," because, I swear, I totally know that guy! We probably all do. In particular, fans of Jonathan Richman, the Magnetic Fields, Don Lennon and the like should download it ASAP.

  • Speaking of free downloadable ZIP files, those clamoring for video-game-style covers of all sorts of bands from the Beatles to the Gin Blossoms to Fall Out Boy to Saosin to a whole slew of acts with which I'm not particularly familiar, The Hunt for Yoshi can more than fulfill your needs. There has to be a person or two reading who "clamors" for such things, right?

  • Speaking of clamoring for things, it won't come as a surprise to anyone to know that I lust for strange foreign cover songs. Therefore, I feel it imperative that I wish a Happy First Birthday to Eurocovers!

  • Speaking of awesome cover blogs, I'm about to post today's MP3s. Just a heads-up that, due to my staggeringly awesome post-every-day-this-month thing, I'll probably start unlinking tracks that are more than a week old as I go. So if you see something you want to grab, don't put it off too long!

  • Hello Saferide "Teen Line" (The Shivvers cover)
    My favorite jangly Swedish tweemo singer/songwriter meets my favorite overlooked power pop hit and I giddily explode. Heaven!

  • The Methadones feat. Annie Soviette "Goodbye to You" (Scandal cover)
    I hope one day to see this Chicago punk/power-pop band live—although I'm not quite into the scene enough to go to Riot Fest next week to do so—but until then, I revel in their all-covers album 21st Century Power Pop Riot, for quite obvious reasons.

  • Bjorn Again "Stop! (More)" (Erasure cover)
    While power pop has been ruling my life lately, I have to admit I found myself in a very Erasure mood today. Interpret that however you wish—unless you wish to do so in the style of Abba, which has obviously already been done.

  • Piano Tribute Players "Teenagers" (My Chemical Romance cover)
    When I win the lottery and buy a player piano, I will program in all of my screamo favorites.

  • Inkubus Sukkubus "Paint It Black" (Rolling Stones cover)
    I feel a dearth of goth here lately and thus resolve it.

  • Run Run Run "Fade Into You (Z-Trip Remix)" (Mazzy Star cover)
    I'm all entried out now. Just listen to it.

    boyhowdy said...

    Hi, Liza (and Liza's readers)

    I'm all for a capella covers (sometimes), so I'm off to figure out how to vote for you. I'd encourage others do the same...just think: without you, we'd be stuck with originals!

    - Boyhowdy, of Cover Lay Down (folk music covers!)

    Cornslaw industries said...
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    Cornslaw industries said...

    No love for the 1000000 a.d. cover of "Fade Into You?"