Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, I'm not surprised NaNoCoMo has a glitch or two. Neither is anyone reading, I'm guessing. There's some glitch with my chosen FTP and I'm too busy/lazy to figure it out right now (or to download a different program). Hopefully, I'll post some actual tracks tomorrow. Until then, I hope you won't want to kill me for this post. (The last one is not the best, but it's my favorite.)

It could go on forever, but even I have my limits!


Anonymous said...

You've been posting OUTSTANDING stuff during NaNoCoMo so this atrocity is forgiven.

Nina said...

Hey great blog!

I’d love it if you checked mine out, just started it a few days ago. I will be posting Mon-Thu every week, hopefully!

I write mostly blurbs and ramblings about music every day, and I want to start doing some more album/song reviews when the time comes. I would really appreciate a comment or some feedback! :) thanks!

Ana Milgram said...

Oddly enough I was proclaiming a desire to sing a karaoke total eclipse last night, and my friend sent me this link today