Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Turn back—oh, oh—the hands of time.

It just occurred to me that I've been blogging covers for more than three years, so to celebrate I've decided to do what I rarely do and revisit some gems from the past. Below are tracks I posted in 2004 that are either reader or personal faves (and, in a few cases, just weird/bad tracks that amuse me). I know a lot of readers didn't know about me back then. I believe I timed these so that they could be burned to audio disc for posterity, should you be so inclined. Enjoy!

Collections from 2005-2007 forthcoming.

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Copy, Right's Best Posts of 2004 (and one accidentally from 2005) Revisited

  • 01 The Frogs "Vacation" (Go-Go's cover)
    Originally posted October 12, 2004.

  • 02 Jason Falkner "Photograph" (Def Leppard cover)
    Originally posted November 2, 2004.

  • 03 The Quakes "The Killing Moon" (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)
    Originally posted November 2, 2004.

  • 04 The Deldagos "Mr. Blue Sky" (ELO cover)
    Originally posted June 29, 2004.

  • 05 Aroah "Cupid Come" (My Bloody Valentine cover)
    Originally posted April 7, 2004.

  • 06 Jamelia "Numb" (Linkin Park cover)
    Originally posted September 7, 2004. (Actually, this is not the studio version that was in that post but a later live recording because I couldn't readily find the studio track in my millions of back-up discs. You get the gist.)

  • 06 Hikashu "The Model" (Kraftwerk cover)
    Originally posted July 16, 2004.

  • 08 The Notwist "Johnny & Mary" (Robert Palmer cover)
    Originally posted March 14, 2005. (D'oh! I thought it was 2004. Whatever.)

  • 09 Pixels "Gigamuffin" (Pixies cover, sort of)
    Originally posted November 22, 2004.

  • 10 Low IQ 01 feat. Yukari Fresh "Anarchy in the UK" (Sex Pistols cover)
    Originally posted July 22, 2004.

  • 11 The Softies "Together Forever" (Rick Astley cover)
    Originally posted March 29, 2004.

  • 12 My Chemical Romance "All I Want for Christmas is You" (Mariah Carey cover)
    Originally posted December 19, 2004.

  • 13 Solex "Shady Lane" (Pavement cover)
    Originally posted March 9, 2004.

  • 14 The Balenescu Quartet "Pocket Calculator" (Kraftwerk cover)
    Originally posted June 18, 2004.

  • 15 Cinerama "All the Things She Said" (t.A.T.u. cover)
    Originally posted March 29, 2004.

  • 16 Macha & Bedhead "Believe" (Cher cover)
    Originally posted March 9, 2004.

  • <17 Mogwai "Don't Cry" (Guns N' Roses cover)
    Originally posted October 26, 2004.

  • 18 Sobaki Tobaka! "In Your Room" (Depeche Mode cover)
    Originally posted June 2, 2004.

  • 19 Class "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" (Jermaine Stewart cover)
    Originally posted May 27, 2004.

  • 20 Clem Snide "Beautiful" (Christina Aguilera cover)
    Originally posted March 5, 2004.

    Jack Feerick said...

    Great stuff! So glad to have a chance to hear some of the songs I missed before I started checking yr blog regularly.

    Is the Kraftwerk catalog idiot-proof? I've heard so many Kraftwerk covers, in so many different styles, that have all been so awesome in their own ways that I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible to cover a Kraftwerk song badly.

    Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

    RE: Kraftwerk -- pretty much. My favorite record of theirs is _Autobahn_, but, well, most any of them is great. If there are any to avoid, their worst are probably _The Mix_ and _Electric Cafe_. But, well, hell, I _started_ with Electric Cafe, and they're one of my favorites, so... yeah. Even Kraftwerk's worst albums are basically better than anything else.

    Lobstar said...

    Rev.- Actually, I think Jack was referring to COVERS of Kraftwerk, not Kraftwerk originals.

    I'd say that the majority of Kraftwerk covers are pretty listenable. Maybe it's because the types of artists who are influenced enough by Kraftwerk to want to cover their work must be a slight cut above your average non-Kraftwerk-loving artist.

    seymour said...

    I love your blog - thanks for sharing such amazement over the years. super hugs.
    ps u2 and coldplay managed to make kraftwerk stinky

    Jack Feerick said...

    Mm... I know Coldplay knicked the riff from "Computer Love" for "Talk," but when did U2 cover Kraftwerk?

    gwen said...

    Have I told you lately that I love you?

    vch said...

    Jack: U2 covered Neon Lights

    Lobster, and you, i hope, know, that 'In Your Room' comes from Russian tribute to Depeche Mode, where you can also find plenty of strange stuff? Sadly, i have it on tape only, but can try and find in runet if interested

    Lobstar said...

    VCH: Yes, that's where I got the track.

    myron said...

    I've always been an ELO fan, but never really liked Mr Blue. Good on the Delgados for making it better.

    Happy 3 years +.

    bulut said...

    Such an amazing post, maybe you'd like to check my Cover Songs Secstion as well http://buluthim.blogspot.com/search/label/cover%20cover%20cover
    You relly got me on that My Bloody Valentine cover, and also very interesting Cinerama cover. Thank you!

    Marty Tiniz said...

    Bravo on finally giving 2004 its props. It was a goddam bastard of a year, wasn't it? Speaking of covering Cher's Believe I want to say i would not be angry with you if the Robbie Fulks version *WHOOPS* just snuggled its way right into your blog.

    Nate said...

    Thanks! That LOW IQ 01 track was actually what brought me here in the first place.

    Speaking of which, I'm not sure if you've found any more info on him since then, but LOW IQ 01 is actually one person. If his music videos are any indication, he plays all the instruments himself, except when he's live, then he just sings. I really like his music though.

    Ed said...

    Thanks for these -posted a cover of My Bloody Valentine doing 'we Have All the Time In The World' over at my blog.

    Really rate this site, and love coming back here.

    Ed, 17 Seconds