Friday, July 16, 2004

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, the club is open!

  • The Salteens "Motor Away" (Guided by Voices cover) 3.3MB
    Did you know that GBV is my favorite band? And that I've seen them more than any other band? And that my pals Ryan, Gerry and I once hung out with a very drunk (and possibly coked-up?), somewhat unintelligible Bob Pollard after a show at The Patio in Indy well before Alien Lanes was released? And that I was at The Patio again at the show where the Jellyfish Reflector bootleg was recorded? And that I want to suck Nate Farley's cock? And that I think Nate Farley is dreamy? Yeah. Sorry for the geek-out, but the boys just announced their last tour dates ever, and lucky for me they culminate with two New Year's Eve shows right here in my hometown. (And I'm seriously considering heading down to my former hometown of Bloomington, IN, as well for the show there two months before that.)

    In honor of my excitement, here is a decent little tweemo cover of one of the many awesome songs on the aforementioned Alien Lanes that I stumbled on a few months ago, which introduced me to the cheery little Canadian pop outfit that is The Salteens and which is by far better than any of the covers on the Blatant Doom Trip tribute disc. Download it now, broomhead!

  • Franz Ferdinand "Mis-shapes" (Pulp cover) 3.4MB

  • It's a law that all MP3 blogs have to post Franz Ferdinand songs, covers or remixes this month, right? Right. I'm simply doing my civic duty as a citizen of the Internet.

    Pulp is another of my favorite bands, but one that, sadly, I've never seen live and now probably never will. Sigh. At least some people, like our good friends FF, are still performing competent live acoustic versions of Pulp hits.

  • Bad Manners "Show Me the Way to Go Home" (composed by Irving King) 0.7MB

  • I swear, when I wasn't looking, Bravo became the all-Jaws network. I must have stumbled on it 20 times in the past month or so, and always seem to find myself smack in the middle, before the big shark attack when the Robert Shaw character tells Scheider and Dreyfuss that he was on the USS Indianapolis when it was torpedoed and that he watched many of his friends perish in the subsequent shark attacks. To break the tension of his tale (and the tension of hunting a great white shark in a tiny boat with only two other guys, I suppose), the Dreyfuss character leads them in a rousing version of this folk standard, which consists of the same 70 or so words sung over and over again. Then the shark wisely punches his head into the boat repeatedly, presumably in an attempt to get this fucking song out of it. Here's the shortest version I could find.

    In other news: My most recent cover hunt yielded many strange and rare gems, mostly of Japanese or European descent, which I can't wait to share. And I want to start sharing songs on a more consistent basis and to be able to keep them available for a longer time. Man, I wish I had more web space and more reliable hosts. The whole Hikashu debacle last week has me reticent to attempt using my GeoCities account (which a Yahoo customer service rep assures me should work) anymore, but it's all I have except for the space my ISP gives me. Unfortunately, I'm currently between jobs and quite poor, so buying a domain and space is a ways off for me, but just in case it's able to happen soon, does anyone have any recommendations of reasonably priced, reliable hosts?

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