Monday, July 12, 2004

Where is all you angels?

I desperately need to clean my apartment and here I am at the computer slacking. Here are some songs that hit my shuffle play today that made me laugh (or, at the very least, smile) for various reasons. Sorry, I can't spare more than 17 syllables each on these; I'm a slob.

  • Bobby Conn "Without You" (Badfinger cover) 5.4MB
    Local favorite.
    An acquired taste, to be sure.
    Live show is worthwhile.

  • Hermann H. & The Pacemakers "In the Garage" (Weezer cover) 3.6MB
    Japanese ska band,
    your strange cover cheers me up.
    E-reek-tree guitar.

  • Manfred Mann "When Will I Be Loved" (Everly Brothers cover) 2MB
    No Linda Ronstadt,
    but fun pop nevertheless.
    Let's go back in time.

  • Atrocity "Wild Boys" (Duran Duran cover) 6.1MB
    Death metal cover
    that makes me clean much faster.
    Doesn't mean it's good.
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