Monday, July 26, 2004

We would scream together songs unsung.

Guess who found out she's starting a job next week and might soon (I'm thinking in a month or so) be able to afford real web space and subsequently post more frequently and allow songs to stay longer so people can actually catch them while they're here? Yeah, it's me. (I know you know it was rhetorical, but still.) And who knows? Maybe have enough space that I'll be able to post more non-Japanese covers. No promises, of course.

Aaanyhow, until then, it's just little crumbs here and there. And speaking of "there," Stereogum has the Postal Service singing Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" right here, among others. Check out its "Favorite New Covers" section on the right. Also, I can't remember who posted it, but that French Jodie Foster track, "La Vie C'est Chouette, " which was on the 365 Days Project back in the day, is currently my most-played song of the summer. I can't get enough of that shit!

So, let's see. I recently deleted tons of stuff from my hard drive because I remain convinced that this computer's going to bite it any day, but let's see what's still there. (I don't feel like hunting out stuff from my growing towers of mp3 data discs.)

  • Spangle Call Lilli Line & Spanova "Heat of the Moment" (Asia cover) 7MB
    Drum 'n' bass is, to put it politely, generally not my thing. But pairing it with a Japanese female vocal and adding that all to an Asia song? I'm all for it. They did a twist on it. There's such a fine line between stupid and clever.
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