Wednesday, July 14, 2004


  • Aaaaaaaaaaargh! All Music Guide's new interface is fucking killing me. Yeah, it needed an overhaul, but not if it means that it's going to be even slower than it was before, which was pretty damned slow. But I'd grown accustomed to its slowness. Now I have an all new slowness to deal with—not to mention broken links and errors upon errors. As you can tell, it's driving me nuts. On average, I use AMG approximately 500 times a day to aid my cover hunts and give me background on shit that's new to me. Today, I've only successfully used it twice. It's putting me way behind schedule. Bastards! < /end rant >

  • Everyone should head on over to Herman Dune's site and snatch all the covers the band and its members have available on the Media page, such as all of Yayahoni's covers and the live cover of Nick Cave's "As I Sat Idly By Her Side."

  • Music for Robots is currently featuring Sesame Street's Grover singing a blues song you can download here. Not technically a cover, as far as I know, but amusing nonetheless.
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